Artwork > 2011 Heat, Rain And Night

Long Shadows#1 and Long Shadows #2
Long Shadows#1 and Long Shadows #2
Acrylic on Canvas
12" by 36" and 12" by 36"

During the middle months of 2010 – July, August and September - the weather was turbulent. But at night, things often calmed down and cooled off. Watching the night sky, filled with vistas of light and dark, I was drawn in by the stillness and mystery. The night sky opened. Stars, white in their intensity against the black, were like beacons, bright, compelling and mysterious. The night was hypnotic.

Days of heat
Blowing winds
Wanting to escape
Rain starting
Coming down heavy
Grey shadows falling across night
Spilling on the fields
Moonlight falling in pools
Passing clouds
Light and dark
Stars and darkness