Artwork > 2012-2015

Canal #1
Canal #1
acrylic on canvas
45.5" by 59"

Selected Paintings
Includes paintings from The Canal Series

I spent time in a rented house beside a canal. There was a pool. At night, the pool glowed with a milky green light. During the day the canal was a waterway of boats and families. I watched the canal and saw the water move in and inch up the underpinnings of the canal sides. When the tide moved out, the water lowered.

I was interested in the ambiguity and movement of the water, the contrasts of transparency and opaqueness, openings and closings.

I knew that the movement was old and unchanging, that whatever happened above the water had no deep effect on the constant and continuous change of water levels. Sometimes the reflections were limpid, calm, fresh and gentle. Sometimes the reflections glistened and pulsed with energy and sometimes the reflections were dark, heavy and dense. The canal was a world of its own, much of it inexorable and much of it hidden.